The First Room Do-Over

So, most people probably wouldn't start with the hall bath as their first room re-do.  My kids have had the same jungle themed bathroom set from Target for years.  They loved the elephants and lions.  The nice bright colors.  The coordinated soap dispenser and toothbrush holder (shaped like a giraffe).  But after 6 years, the set had seen better days.  So when we moved to this house, I started looking for a set that was a little more mature, but still fun.

So first I fell in love with a paint color.  I know, that's not how you start a room make over.  Umh, unless your me.  I do this quite frequently.  I'm drawn to a color (and not consistently the same color either) and then I have an overwhelming need to decorate to match.  It's a sickness, I know.  So Behr has this color called Asparagus.  Yes, like the vegetable name.  I told you, it was a sickness.  It's such a lovely shade of green.  So lovely, I had to find a bath set to go with it!

Enter this set from Kohl's.  I loved the color pallet and the geometric style print (I am a sucker for geometric!)  The darkish color green that you see is the same Asparagus shade from Behr.  Which I got lucky on because I didn't actually have a color swatch on me when I purchased it.  And the set was on sale.  But those light towels.  Oh my, those towels were not going to work for me. I mean, they're really nice for when company comes to visit.  But for four active children, those lovely light colors will not work for me.  So I ended up using chocolate colored towels for every day, rugs too, and I think it really turned out well.  Here are my finished results:

I didn't go with the matching accessories.  Again, life with four kids has taught me that light colors used on a daily basis are not my friend.  However, I really like the rubbed bronze finish, which coordinates well with the chocolate colored rug, towels, and toilet seat cover.  I even swapped out the hideous 80's towel rods (seriously, this peach-ish colored, 80's style...with lavender walls...oh my) for the rubbed bronze.  That I will be taking with me if/when we move (because at this point, I'm not sure I ever want to move again in my whole life...).  I need to add some wall art, but overall, I'm very pleased!

Yes, Another Blog

I know I have two other blogs that I post to frequently (or semi-frequently as the case may be for one of them) but neither of them fit in line for what's been consuming quite a bit of what limited free time I have.  So yet a third blog is called for.  This is for all my decorating.  Many of my friends and family have requested that I post someplace other than Facebook (apparently not everyone has a facebook account yet - who knew?!).

Last year my family and I moved from California to Texas.  It was a BIG move.  We relocated temporarily to an apartment, but are now very happy to be back in a home.  Now because it's a rental house, it's seen a lot of wear and tear.  Because apparently some people don't consider a house they rent to be a home.  I don't get it, personally, but that's OK.  Any house I live in is well cared for as if it was my own, because while I'm there, it IS my home.  The place I am raising my family.  
So this new house has wonderful potential.  I'll be posting some photo's soon.  But it also needed a moderate amount of work.  For example.   Every room in the house - and I mean every single spot of wall space that you can see and even those you can't, is a lavender-ish beige color.  But that's a minor fix.  I've never seen a wall color I couldn't correct with a little bit of paint!!  And that's where this story begins!  

When this photo was taken, we still had CA plates on our car!  And that pole?  Oh, that's the stop sign in front of our house.  A street dead ends into our street.  But you know, at least we never have to worry about people parking in front of our house!