The Desks!

So my kids desks arrived today.  Mike got them assembled and put in their rooms in record time.  

There are no pictures.  Yet.  I know, I'm behind.  But I'm still unpacking.  And doing some minor re-decorating. And working full time.  School has started.  Scouting is back full time.  I think you get the picture.

Back to these desks.

Tori's Desk
First of all, I LOVE them.  Seriously, these are really great desks. They're compact, which is always good for a bedroom.  They're very sturdy, a MUST when you have kids.  They look very modern and clean, which is perfect for the style of my kids rooms.  The one for my daughters room is clear glass.  Her laptop will fit nicely, as does the lamp.  Because her room is lavender, with turquoise and lime green accents, I wanted something that wouldn't compete with the color.  This desk compliments everything perfectly and gives her plenty of working space. 

My son's desk is almost identical, accept the glass top is a really nice opaque blue (I almost said lovely - not a word he would want associated with his desk!).  He has a great space themed quilt that I bought on eBay, and this blue compliments this.  We're not painting at this house (I know, I think that's the biggest shocker, but I love the downstairs color, and Tori's room was already lavender, so I'm just going with what's in the kids rooms upstairs...) so I knew I needed some pops of color, without it being too bright.  Here's a preview of the quilt:
Space Quilt

You want to know what I also love about these desks?  They were only $45 EACH on sale at...WALMART.  Yes, the store I never shop at.  Except when I am looking for affordable curtains (living in rental homes, I don't spend a lot of money on windows that I may not have for long term!).  I was hesitant because...well...I don't find their furniture to be very good quality.  Great for temporary use, but really not conductive to an active family.  But the reviews were really good, so I decided to chance it.  I'm really glad I did!!

Target had some desk chairs in great coordinating colors, but they were sold out when I went today.  I'll have to check back to see if they get any more in stock.  

Once the curtains are up, and the rooms are a little more accessorized (or in Tori's case, I can take a photo without wading through all her junk on the floor) I'll post some photo's.  But I still have artwork and accessories left to purchase, so it may be a little while longer.  

Yes, you are seeing a common theme here lately...half done rooms, ugh!