Surviving Saturday

It's a holiday weekend, and of course I have a ton of stuff to do.  Like make the cheesecake for Easter dinner tomorrow (this is my recipe blog).  Finish the spring cleaning on my kitchen (which is currently completely torn apart - The Builder felt the need to help speed things along...enough said).  Boil eggs for my kids to dye.  Oh, and laundry would be nice since I don't plan to work on it Easter Sunday!

But I have this powder room that is in a barely usable state, and it's driving me crazy!

Look at this sink fixture.  Let me assure you, it has NEVER been replaced.  When The Builder pulled it out this morning, the plumbers putty that they use to secure it was not adhering anymore.  It was cracked and icky.  This is a "mix it" faucet, installed by most builders because it's cheap and does the job.  The Builder calls it a "fix it" faucet because, in his words, "it sucks!"  You know, this is the type of faucet where you can never get just the right temperature on the water.  It's either to hot or to cold.  It's also just plain ugly, and the only one in the house on a sink (I have one on my master tub, but that's another issue...)

Then there's the sink itself.  I already share with you that I am not a fan of the clam shell sink. While I do appreciate that caulk does get old and allow water to leak through the edge, this is simply an ugly sink in my opinion.  To make matters worse, this one is really scratched up.  Someone came in with appliance paint at some point and sprayed just scratches.  Ahem.  If you're going to do something, take the time to do it right!!!  As I type speak, The Builder has removed the faucet fixture, the drain stopper, and taped off the freshly painted walls.  We are using appliance paint to repaint the sink, but we are repainting the entire sink.  That meant The Builder we had to sand out all the scratches and the uneven paint first.  Yes, it's a pain.  I would have loved to have just put down a quick coat and called it good.  But the goal is to NOT move again any time soon, and this is my home, even if I don't own it, so it's worth doing it right!

This is a close up of the bottom of the sink.  You can see the discoloration from the paint, all the scratches, and the sink stop that's also corroded and ugly.  Thankfully the new sink fixture came with a replacement piece too.  So when the paint is dry and the new fixtures are installed, this will really look good.

On a side note, if you decide to refinish a sink or an appliance, make sure you have good ventilation.  This paint has obnoxious fumes!  But it will be worth it when it's completed!

More to come soon...