Audrey Hepburn Laundry Rm

The laundry room is finally DONE!

You may be noticing my Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's theme.  Our home in CA had a loft space that we dedicated to a movie themed room for our family.  It was a great space with arcade style skeet ball and basketball, movie posters, and other memorabilia.  We sold the arcade games when me moved, knowing it was unlikely we'd be moving into a 3200 sq. ft. home anytime soon, but I kept all the movie memorabilia that I had used to decorate the room, including a Breakfast at Tiffany's picture that I had gotten on clearance for a steal.  I admit, I don't have any place to put most of the decor these days, but I really love Breakfast at Tiffany's and wanted to find a way to incorporate this picture in my home.  The family room was out, as was the kitchen and my master bedroom.  And while I love Audrey Hepburn, I felt she didn't belong in the dining room either (where my desk and office space reside as well).  And so she's moved into my laundry room!

You may recall I wanted to do a built in laundry sorter that I had found on Anna White's site.  I really need a place to sort laundry because the cat box is in here too.  If you have a cat, you know the litter inevitably tracks outside the box.  But you may notice the silver hose behind this laundry sorter.  It's the dryer vent and there's no way of putting the built in's there without smashing it and have them fit properly at the same time.  The Builder and I were at Kohl's the other night when we came across this set in the clearance section.  $20!!  It fits perfectly under the counter, has a spot on top to do ironing if I need something quickly, and let's me sort a few loads at a time (with a family of six, it's never going to hold all our laundry, I know this!).  It was an ideal solution for our needs.  Best of all, look at the perfect fit!  You'd think we had designed it this way.  Nope, we just got lucky!

This is on the other side of the washer and dryer.  The Builder put up a leftover section of the counter on the other side so we could all easily reach the soap, as well as to have a space to store the cat litter.  The washer and dryer stacked is a great space saver.  However, if you're not tall, it can also be a challenge to get in and out of the dryer easily!  My kids can't.  I see a folding stool in our future so they can grab things out of the dryer as needed (I'm tall, and it's a bit of a stretch for me!  My kids are short...).  I knew the wire shelf wasn't going to work for the laundry soap, so this is a good alternative.  The cat box is below, so the solid shelf keeps anything from falling through to the bottom.  Enough said on that.

I think I'll get one more cloth bin for the top shelf to hold miscellaneous things, but other than that, this laundry room makeover is officially done!