Switching Gears

So last week it was all about the green, and this week I had to switch gears quickly for Easter next week.  Yikes!!  To say I'm behind on my Easter projects would be an understatement.  I struggle with decorating for Easter every year.  I'm not really a pastel person.  I don't own any pastel colored clothes and nothing in my home is pastel.  So I decided to go with a natural palette, following in the footsteps of my rustic look for St. Patrick's Day.  This table runner was hard to photograph, but it turned out super cute in person!  Here's a close up of the bunny's:
This project was supposed to be SO easy.  In fact, I was going to break my hard fast rule of "I don't do no-sew projects" and do a no-sew project.  That was the goal!  I started with this adorable table runner:


So cute, right? She even gives step by step instructions for the bunny tails.  Adorable!  But, I decided I didn't want to paint mine on, I wanted a little more dimension.  Not a problem, I could cut my bunnies out of brown felt.  My plan was to use fabric glue and call it done.  Yeah, and if the pompoms would have glued well to the felt, it might have worked out great.  But they didn't.  To really make it a 'must' sew project, I ended up adding the cutest ribbon to the ends of the table runner...which you can't see well in the first photo, but it's there, and I love it in person.  Again, gluing it on was my intention, but ultimately, I sewed it on.  I did use my hot glue gun for the bunny tails and the bunnies themselves, which worked well.  But I still want to finish the edges with brown bias tape because, well, the unfinished edges are driving me crazy!  Which is why I generally end up with some sewing on no-sew projects.

I have two more small Easter projects I'm hoping to get done today, and then it's time to switch gears again to a project for my master bathroom.  Stay tuned!