Bathroom Update

I realized tonight I haven't posted any updated photo's. Probably because it's not done and I've reached the point where I'm really ready for this to be done. 

But it's coming along nicely!  I'm waiting for the 30 days to be up to seal the tile.  I didn't put up the shower curtain because my boys would be tempted to use the shower, thus getting water all over my unsealed tile. Not happening. 

The smaller vanity makes this bathroom seem SO much larger!  We've decided to build a 36" vanity to keep the open feel.  We could put up to a 48" in, but it leaves little room for the laundry hamper.  I like having a laundry hamper in the bathroom so I can pretend my kids can easily pick up their clothes and toss them in the hamper. 

You can sort of see the new shower head, faucet, and handle.  Brushed nickle, so pretty!
Here's the vanity installed.

Yes, it's small.

That's not a bad thing!

For now it serves the purpose of teeth brushing and hand washing. As I mentioned previously, it will be going downstairs in the powder room when we're done in here, so the small size works. 

The new light fixture is installed, as well as a new light switch cover and a double plug outlet.  We did this specifically for our daughter and her many curling irons and hair appliances.  We're nice that way...

I still want to paint that tub.  Against the white tile and white toilet (which also got a new seat and cover) the tub does not look white.  We bought new baseboards as well, so those still need to be installed.

But it's all coming along nicely!


No pictures today, and just a quick post.  

This past week, a Habitat Re-Store opened up 10 min from my house.  I've seen some of my favorite bloggers, like Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating score some great finds at one, but the only other one in Houston is in a very questionable section of town and not an easy drive from home or work, so it was on me 'one day' list.  Well the Friday after Christmas, The Builder and I were at the DPS and there is a new one right across the street.  It wasn't opened yet, but Saturday after I was coming home from lunch with a friend, I passed by it again, and it was open.  I decided to just take a quick peak and see what it was all about.  

Within 2 minutes, I found a granite vanity top that will be PERFECT for the vanity that The Builder is going to make to finish the upstairs bathroom.  I've been pricing granite, but at $425, I wasn't please about the overall cost.  And how much did I score my top and under mount sink?!  $75!!

If you're not familiar with Habitat Re-Store, they resell usable building materials at significant discounts.  It's a DIYer's scavenger hunt paradise and you never know what you might find.  You definitely need to have some creative imagination.  A truck to hall things off with helps too!

Photo's to come...