30 Day Challenge

It's the last day of the month.  I'm still waiting on my boy's comforters to arrive. The shipping was free so I can't complain, but I'm itching to have them come in so I can pick out paint and get their room update done.

Because I'm impatient I have time on my hands, I decided to join the 30 Day Room Challenge. I knew that I needed a small project because:
  1. I don't want something I can't finish quickly
  2. I want to complete my boys bedroom as well
  3. I don't want to spend a ton of money
  4. I don't have time for another large project!!!!
So I chose my master bedroom walk in closet!

Yes, this is really the "room" I chose.  It also doubles as my sewing/craft space. It's also our "dump everything" closet. You know, when you're cleaning up the house in a rush and you 'need' to hide stuff you don't know where to put? Yep, that's my master closet. So aside from needing to de-clutter and toss some stuff, there simply isn't enough storage. So I've manage to cram it full of boxes and piles. And of course, that's not working. Here's my closet it all it's shame:
Up until Christmas, it was fairly organized. You can see boxes for my shoes, all my white hangers, and some storage bins on the shelves. But it was downhill from there.  My sewing machine is buried and I pull it out to use it on the dining room table when I need it. My craft supplies are piled willy-nilly.  It's a mess. That's the original paint color to.  Blah. I have bars to hang clothes that I don't want and I need more drawer space (The Builder keeps 90% of his clothes in the dresser in our bedroom).

I sort of have a plan!
I'd really, really love to build some custom storage, but my reality is, I don't have time (remember I still have a temporary vanity in the kids bathroom upstairs!)  I was at Ikea the other night to purchase the pendent light you see in the idea board above, when I saw that the Malm dresser was on sale. I realized the white dresser what exactly what I needed to copy one of my Pinterest inspirations:

I saw this at least a year ago and fell in love! However, it wasn't going to work anywhere in my home. But I pinned it. Because that's the point of finding things you like that you will most likely never use, right?! 

After going back to the original blogger's post, I found that she used a vinyl sticker.  I have seen them on eBay, but I think I want to do my own take on it.  You may have noticed the picture on the inspiration board. It's actually a poster. My thought is to use it in place of the vinyl sticker. Of course, The Builder thinks I should just buy the sticker on eBay. And I might. But I really think I want to personalize it just a bit! Although I may ultimately go with a black and white poster over a color one. We shall see.

My goal is break this down into weekend work:

Weekend 1: Paint the closet and hang the new light fixture (I'm giddy over this one, as I currently have a bare bulb attached to the ceiling with a pull string - don't even get me started!)

Weekend 2: Organize the sewing and craft supplies.  This closet is basically a big box for the most part, an the back wall has an outlet, which allowed me to put in my sewing table and set up my machine. The problem is that there isn't enough shelf space for all my stuff, so I need to get creative with storage.

Weekend 3: I will be out of town this weekend so I don't plan on any work getting done.

Weekend 4:  Complete the dresser update (this allows me to order the poster or vinyl sticker online this weekend and have time to get it shipped to work on during weekend 4!) and get my artwork hung up - I have an original art piece already completed for this one!

Weekend 5: (yep, 5 this month) Finish it all up!