Time to Tile!

This past week the waterproof membrane we ordered from Home Depot finally came in and The Builder was able to get it installed.Want a not exciting photo of it?
 OK, underwhelming, I know. 

And you can see the single piece we put down to try to get a feel for how it was going to look. Yes, I was completely tickled pink to see the prospect of tile finally going in! No more traipsing upstairs at 4:30am for my morning shower! But I digress...

Here's a quick close up of what the floor tile actually looks like:
I really considered the small penny tile that I have seen on some decorating shows and web sites. But The Builder was against it. In fact he hated it. Then we saw this one in a display and we both agreed it was exactly what we wanted. Each tile is about two inches in diameter. It's a carrera marble as well, but it's unpolished, so it won't be as slick in the shower. We'll have to seal it yearly to keep it from staining, but we know that going into it, and we're OK with that (I say that now, lol...)

I came home tonight and The Builder had done a dry fit of the floor. Those are the tiles that we chose leaning up against the wall. Even though they're not the shape of tiles I originally envision, they're still the marble that I wanted, so I'm happy. It was a relief to see that my shower isn't going to be the cave that the wood and cement was making it appear to be, even after the light was installed. Once the tile is up and the glass shower door is installed, there will be plenty of light reflecting off the marble we chose. 

Another close up. I'm mildly obsessed at this point...
The Builder did a great job of cutting around the drain (yes, I'm slightly biased in his favor!). An unexpected bonus was that the pieces along the back edge just had to be cut in half and were a very easy cut. Once the floor is in, we can hang the cement board and eventually, the wall tiles, so there will be plenty of overlap to cover any mild imperfections along the edges.

I haven't officially picked a grout color yet. And for that matter, most of the texturing in the bathroom is done now, so we'll need to start painting again soon too. I'm not 100% certain on the paint color yet, but that's a subject for another day...