The Plan

The Builder worked all Sunday afternoon on the kitchen. We have quite a hefty to do list on this "soft reno". The humidity is a huge issue because everything was so wet when we tore it out, that's adding to our time line as we have to allow for things to dry out.  The original four day estimate is out, but while the to do list looks extensive, most of it is all cosmetic and will go faster than many of our other projects.  So here is our basic timeline:
  • Prime all the bottom cabinets
  • Paint all the lower cabinets
    • humidity allowing, this could be done during the week when we get home from work.  But we need the humidity to go way down to allow things to dry out properly
  • level the counters properly and install the new counter tops - huge issue, we have sections that are as much as 3/8 out of level.
  • turn the water off and install the new sink and faucet
  • install all the new hinges - a total of 30 - and put the doors back on.
  • empty and prep the upper cabinets
  • prime and paint the upper cabinets
  • turn off the water and install the new sink and faucet
  • install the new base boards
  • repaint the kitchen
  • rehang the curtain rod in the bay window
Stay tuned!