Just One More...

Why is it on any project, there is always one more board that's needed to finish it?  OK, in this case, I actually need two more. 

Putting this floor in took longer because this was done by my boys. They ripped out the old carpet, bundled it up, and hauled it out to the trash. Then, with The Builder supervising, we got the floor put in. This was done primarily during their week off for Thanksgiving. We installed the last two boards today, but I don't have pictures yet. 

I am really loving this floor. Not too light, not too dark, It's a laminate, but a wide plank, so it looks more natural (unlike the orange laminate in the hallway...but that's a project for another year). This is the same flooring we put in the older boy's room. I'm thinking about doing my daughters' in the same flooring when she goes to college in January and my oldest son gets her room. I think having the same flooring in all three bedrooms would be best. Again, something to contemplate. 

A quick shot of the bed and dresser.  They're directly across from the new desk area. Apparently, I'm due to lightly sand and restain his bed because it looks bad in this photo. The duvet cover is new from Ikea. I wasn't sure he'd actually go for this but I bought it because I could see it in the room. My youngest hates plaid. Amazingly, he likes this one. It may be more because it's really soft, but I can live with that! 

The blue drapes are not staying. There's a small tear in one of them and the tie dye effect isn't working for me with the plaid. The plan is a cornice board with a faux roman shade. I already mentioned the blinds need to be replaced. Still on my to buy list. To the right of the bed, I'm on the hunt for a beanbag chair and a side table. This will be his "hang out" area. Now that we have the new flooring, a rug might be in order as well. Of course, we still have new base boards to install as well. I'm ready for this "quick" refresh to be done! But at least my son finally likes it (he didn't think his room needed any refreshing when we started).

Parting shot. He wanted to be silly. He's demonstrating how comfortable he is in this bed. Such a goofball...