Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Confession # 1 - My guest bathroom still isn't don't.  It's the bane of my existence now.  The faucet is in, the frames for the mirror and the art work are done, and the decorative shelf is done.  But The Builder had a glass mishap.  He cut the mirror the wrong size.  You know how the shoemakers kids always went barefoot?  Yep, the Glaziers wife can never get a mirror hung.  Mirrors are almost a bad word for me anymore...

Confessions # 2 - I'm crazy about glass.  I love the stuff.  I think it must have something to do with being a Glaziers daughter, sister, aunt, and wife (in case you aren't following, my dad, brother, nephew, and hubby are all Glaziers).  So when I go into home decor stores like Home Goods, I'm almost always instantly drawn to the menagerie of glass items.  Look how pretty they are!  Yes, I could have taken them all home and probably found a place...eventually...for them.  I'm such a fan of glass, I've even convince friends to join in my silent obsession (my best friend M reads this and she is the owner of a Clarity Trio set which she readily admits she never uses and bought on whim when at a candle party with me, oops!  Sorry M!) when I find really good deals that I don't need.  Anyway, tonight I didn't go for any of these lovely tall pieces.  In fact, I actually picked something low profile and simple in the glassware section tonight.  But more on that later

Sea Turtle
Confession # 3 - I'm still not 100% sure on how I'm styling the guest bathroom.  I keep changing my mind on what it should look like.  I've officially ruled out red.  I like the pale blue walls with the silver, white, and natural tones.  Unfortunately, I think the red pops of color, even in small doses, would be too much in this small space.  I found these beautiful (non-glass!) pieces tonight too, that I really love.  I'm really leaning towards the seahorse.  He's made from driftwood, and I think it's an absolutely beautiful piece.  I need to measure the base to make sure he'll fit on the shelf The Builder made last weekend (yes, he was really really busy with building projects for me, thus the reason we aren't actually done with the powder room).  I had no idea this was something I was looking for until saw it.  There's a matching sea turtle too (which reminds me of my best friend, who has one for each of her children tattooed on her back, which I love the meaning behind!) but I think it's too big for my bathroom.  Isn't it pretty though?!  But I really think he'll be staying at the store...

Confession # 4 - Well, I don't actually have one.  But here's a sneak peak at what I bought tonight.  It's going on top of my toilet, just like you see it here.  Simple.  Clean.  Perfect.