Hall Bath Inspiration

As I mentioned on Sunday, it's only matter of time before the hall bath gets an upgrade.  The Builder and I figuring out the budget, timing, and completion dates.  It looks so much fun on the HGTV shows I watch...not so much fun when it means I'm footing the bill and providing the labor!

Here's a peak at our design inspiration:
Some of the things are easy, because I already own them. The walls are already painted in Silver Screen by Behr.  The striped towels and the shower curtain are also already in the bathroom.  Remember, this was not a project I was planning to take on this fall!

The bathtub is a necessity.  We've gone back and forth on full tub enclosure vs. stand alone tub.  The tub will require that we re-tile.  We've got builder grade tile, nothing impressive, and it's actually worse for the wear at this point.  However the tile I like is more than the bathtub.  Actually, any tile we like is more than the tub. But I hate to buy a tub enclosure if I don't plan to use it long term - and I'm not sure I can bring myself to install one at all.  I think they're so ugly!! 

The sink, from Ikea, is a wish list item, bit since we have a vanity and sink that work, it most likely will wait.  I like the shape and that it's wider than our current sink.  But it would require a new vanity as well.  

The mirror is actually a need.  The current one is flaking and worn at the edges.  This one is from a home improvement store, but I have to tell you, I would never pay $90 for a mirror, let alone two.  So The Builder will order a piece of mirror at work and make a frame for it, like he did in the powder room downstairs.  

Stay tuned!