Weekend 1

It's the end of the first weekend and some progress has been made!  Not as much as I would have liked. I underestimated the amount of crap stuff that has accumulated in the closet over the past three years. 

I won't bore you with paint cut in photo's.  But here's a small peak at what was accomplished:
The color is the same as our master bedroom. I was going to go a shade lighter with my favorite Silver Screens but The Builder was concerned that it would look funny to have a lighter color when you open the sliding closet door. Eh, I think it would have been fine, but since he volunteered to help me paint, I decided to compromise. 

One thing we quickly discovered is that we wouldn't have anywhere to sleep if we emptied the entire closet into our bedroom. Oops. So I hung up a plastic tarp to protect my our clothes from any paint. The goal is now this weekend to finish painting the other quarter of the closet. This side of the closet has the least amount of stuff but has most of my clothes.

See the ugly bare light attached to the ceiling?  That will also be gone this weekend, to be replaced with the light I bought at Ikea last week.  Super excited to not have that ugly light bulb! I also think I'm going to need some task lighting under the shelf you see in the photo because that's where my sewing table goes. There has never been enough light in here and there are no widows for natural light (and yes, I asked my glazier husband if he would install one.  The answer was "maybe at some point" which might as well be a no, lol) so the extra task lighting would be helpful, but might take me past my budget.  

OK, this is looking a little more like it's supposed to! The additional shelf is really making a huge difference in my storage capabilities. This isn't exactly how it will be arranged, but it works for photo's. I bought a peg board to hang up my scissors and some other things. I have WAY more magazines than that and need to figure out a way to better organize them - a second trip to Ikea is definitely in order (but the budget!!!). I also want to tuck a small bookcase back in the corner behind the garment bag. I have a ton of sewing books as well. The painting is one I did with The Teen. The dress was Audrey Hepburn inspired and so it will remain as a bright pop of color in the closet, even if that's not ultimately where it ends up!

More to come!