Inching Along

So I'm still working on EVERY room in the house .  I went to Garden Ridge this Sunday and found a FABULOUS throw pillow for my bed.  I kid you not, you'd think it was part of my bedroom set. Which had coordinating pillows available.  At an additional cost of $30 and $45 each. thanks.  This rectangular pillow was $15 and looks fabulous.  I'm waiting for the black body pillow cover to come in to complete the the pillow transformation, and I need to pick up the Euro pillows I never bothered with before.  Mike found the black bed skirt (yeah hubby!!) so that's in place.  End table are still desperately needed, as are new lamps for the end tables.  I might have found some good options at Garden Ridge as well.  I plan to go back tomorrow with my pillow shams to visualize a little better.

In the living room, the artwork has arrived.  It doesn't fit in a single frame I own :(  However, I realized those dark wooden frames are really...too dark for this room.  When we get our next family photo's done, I'll order a BIG one, mat and frame it, and use it in the stair well.  The stair well is my answer to a lot of odds and ends with pictures.  I'm going for an eclectic look.  Trust me, it's definitely that.  I also picked up some shears to match the other two windows, and found a great coordinating rod for $15.  Excellent.  Except I forgot that this window is much larger than the other two.  So I need to pick up two more.  $5 each, so no complaints there.

I have drapes for my daughter's room.  Really cute, really awesome, really I-got-them-for-a-steal (and bought them because of the price, knowing I didn't really have much use for them) drapes.  I saw them when we cleaned out the garage at the other house.  I commented how PERFECT they would be for my daughter's room.  Absolutely no clue where they are, even after cleaning out a huge portion of the garage.  So I got some fill in drapes.  Cute, with lavender and lime polka dots.  They'll work until I find what I know I have!  She still needs a bookcase (desperately) and a desk chair, but we're coming along nicely in there...aside from the mess of a 13 year old child...

The most complete (and surprisingly clean) room is my youngest son.  Not sharing a room suits him very well.  His first poster about the solar system arrived last week with the living room art.  I'm headed to Michael's tomorrow to get a frame (they have a great sale going on this week!!) and maybe something for the prints in the living room.

I finally found a bistro set that I like for the kitchen at a price I'm willing to pay.  Seriously, sometimes I feel SO cheap.  But I refuse to spend $$$ on things I know will could get damaged by kids.  

I've decided I want horizontal storage bins above my desk, on the wall, same height as my hutch.  Again, I'm not willing to pay for pre-made ones that won't hold up (because they're cheap) or the Pottery Barn ones that I know will look beautiful, but are ridiculously expensive (even if the kids won't be able to reach them).  I'm thinking that while Mike is making my oldest son a matching bed frame, I might start a project!!

No photo's today.  Nothing is complete, and I'm tiring of posting unfinished rooms.  But soon...!!!