Laundry Room Updates

Small Laundry Room Inspiration
It's been awhile since I last mentioned my laundry room.  You may recall that The Builder had to re-do a portion of he ceiling after a leak from the toilet upstairs was repaired.  And then I conned convinced him to paint the laundry room the same color as the powder room that's right next to it.  We even stacked the washer and dryer after I found some inspiration on another blog.  And then...nothing.

Her built ins are fabulous!!  But I rent.  So not practical for us.  The goal has always been to put in a counter for folding.  Right now, clean laundry is dumped placed on the sofa and we attempt to fold it while we're watching TV.  Sometimes this works great.  Other times, we end up with a pile of laundry left on the end of the sofa.  Which then gets dumped on the floor. Which is then mixed with the clothes my kids strip change out of when they get home and leave heaped on the living room floor.  So really, I needed to make my small laundry room more functional to include a counter for folding laundry.  And storing hampers. We are a family of 6.  We have a lot of laundry and a lot of hampers.  Somehow it all has to work.  

Today we took the first step to that happening!!

Ikea Pragel counter top
Ikea has an affordable, white counter top, for $59.  I knew when I saw it that it was what was needed for my small laundry room.  So today The Builder and I made a trip to Ikea.  The counter top is called Pragel and online the price is the $59 listed in the catalog as well.  When we arrived today, it was on sale for $39!! I really love a good deal, and for a 6 foot counter, this is beyond ideal.  It looks like this -->
Nothing fancy, but it is exactly what I was wanting.  My local Big Box stores had all these funky colored and faux marbled laminate tops that were heavy and not at all what I was looking for.  It's a small room and simple goes a long way.

The Builder has assured me can get it installed TOMORROW.  Hooray!!  I'm going to use some of my existing Audrey Hepburn decor items to add some design.  I figure it's the one room I can go completely girly, and the boys in my house won't complain (because let's face it, I do most of the laundry!!).  The fact that it leads to the man cave just gives me a good chuckle.

Ideally, I would like The Builder to do build the laundry basket holders from Anna White to go under the counter.   But that isn't in the budget for now.  Maybe by summer!

Updates with everything to come tomorrow...