Changing Directions

My bathroom and water woes?  Not even close to being done.  I called my homeowners insurance today, but after our deductible, we'd pretty much break even.  So right now, we're letting all the water dry out and then we'll do a more thorough examination to the water damage.

So, what to do in the mean time, right...?

There's no time like the present to finish updating our master bedroom!  You may remember this post.  I was really happy with this when we were done.  I still love most of the aspects of this room.  But the duvet is SUPER warm - too warm for anything other than winter.  And now that we own the home, I wanted to update the paint colors.

But.  I'm only revealing a sneak peak today.  I waited until it was dark to take photo's, which is always a mistake.  So rather than a bad room reveal, here's just a tease!

The chair is new (fabulous deal at!) and I bought the coordinating fabric at Ikea to make the throw pillow.  There's a second pillow I made as well, that's going to go on my bed
My pillow isn't so bright in person.  It's a dark, plumy purple.  The inspiration pillow is $58 at Anthropologie. Yeah, even if it were to go to $20, it's unlikely I'd buy it.  I spent $3.50 on my fabric (and have plenty left over to make 1 or even two more pillow) and the pillow insert from Ikea was $5.  I did put a zipper in my cover, only so it could be washed, but you could easily skip that step if you're not comfortable inserting zippers.  You can find the instructions on Sew HomeGrown.

And to add to my master bedroom update, I've decided my creative work space (aka, my master closet) is due for an update too.  I haven't touched it since we moved in, but I'm in desperate need of organization solutions.  Another sneak peak:
The painting is mine.  As in I painted it.  The only painting you will ever see from me!  My painting is staying, despite the hot pink.  This room is going to get painted the same grey as the bedroom.  I don't care if it's hot pink (a color I detest) Or maybe a shade lighter.  

My sewing table is very important, but I could use better lighting.  What you can't see is the boxes of fabric shoved in the corner to the left.  Or the rows of clothes on each side.  Yeah, this space needs help...