No pictures today, and just a quick post.  

This past week, a Habitat Re-Store opened up 10 min from my house.  I've seen some of my favorite bloggers, like Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating score some great finds at one, but the only other one in Houston is in a very questionable section of town and not an easy drive from home or work, so it was on me 'one day' list.  Well the Friday after Christmas, The Builder and I were at the DPS and there is a new one right across the street.  It wasn't opened yet, but Saturday after I was coming home from lunch with a friend, I passed by it again, and it was open.  I decided to just take a quick peak and see what it was all about.  

Within 2 minutes, I found a granite vanity top that will be PERFECT for the vanity that The Builder is going to make to finish the upstairs bathroom.  I've been pricing granite, but at $425, I wasn't please about the overall cost.  And how much did I score my top and under mount sink?!  $75!!

If you're not familiar with Habitat Re-Store, they resell usable building materials at significant discounts.  It's a DIYer's scavenger hunt paradise and you never know what you might find.  You definitely need to have some creative imagination.  A truck to hall things off with helps too!

Photo's to come...