Teen Boy Room - Day 2

It was a busy weekend. I decided that while The Builder was painting my our master closet, I needed to get another coat of paint on the wall in the boys room!

There's no art work up yet. I thought I wanted a desk in between the two beds, but now I'm questioning how well that would work. I might ask The Builder to make a farmhouse nightstand like he made for our bedroom. We could stain it to match the beds (which The Builder also made!) and would give them a small amount of storage. I haven't determined the rest of the wall. I need to buy the moose head (you can see his collection on the bed!) and get the night stand built and then go from there. 

Here's a better view with the drapes:
It looks like I matched the paint color to the drapes, it came out so perfect! I'm more convinced than ever that I need to warm up the other walls though.  That cream is too pale. I think the lamps need to have the color changes. A brushed bronze would go with the rustic them much better than the nickel finish they have now! When the blinds are closed and the drapes are dawn, the room is dark. That should help with the summer heat as well since this room gets full afternoon sun.  Thus the difficulty taking good photos!

I have some other ideas that I want to play with as well. Right now the boys are thrilled with the small update.  More to come!