Teen Boys Room (Proof I'm Not Afraid of Color!)

My middle son turned 13 this week.  I'm a mom of three teenagers. It's horrifying to write that!

Back in July I posted this link  for inspiration.  I let my older son have the final say so on the room. As long at my 13 year old can have the moose he loves in his room, he's not overly picky. I can't say the same for his older brother!  When I was looking at room inspirations, he couldn't find anything he liked. Plaid was out (he wears plaid, but he doesn't want it in his room...). He didn't want anything blue. And here is what he finally picked out:
Do you see it?  The plaid? Yeah, I was confused. What it came down to though was the color of the room. He loved it. He didn't see anything other than the color. 

What I'm discovering is that my kids are not afraid of color. I think they get it from me. The Builder took one look at that Roycroft Copper Red and said "I want no part of that". He seriously hated the color! Well I bought the comforters, the drapes, even the paint. And they sat.  I was working on finishing the hall bathroom, my 30 day project, and this got pushed to the side. The Builder made sure to tell me he had to finish the bathroom project. The Builder is color phobic!!!

But I could see my son's vision with that room. This rich coppery red needed to get on the wall:
I really like the natural color in the color swatch above. We had a custom paint mix when we repainted their room last year. I have no clue what color it is, but it's light and creamy I think Natural will warm it up a little without overwhelming the room more with the bold color here.

The Builder wasn't so impressed after the first coat:
Yes, it's streaky. I wasn't surprised. When we lived in CA, several of the homes we lived in I used a red color. The first home we ever bought, I picked a color called 'Dare Devil Red' for my entry way. It took four coats to get it smooth and streak free. In the last home we lived in, I painted the back splash Antique Red. I did use a tinted primer, but I still ended up with three coats of paint. So I totally expected to need more than one coat of paint on this room. Plus one color looked much brighter than the inspiration photo. And my son was clear he wanted the color duplicated as closely as possible. 
So then it was time for coat #2:
Yes!  This is what I was looking for. Even The Builder, when he saw the second coat, was dually impressed. I still need to go back and do some touch up's along the cut in. And I really want to paint the rest of the room the Natural color. I'm going to let the paint cure completely overnight before I hang up the curtains and put the beds back in place. So there are no finished photo's this evening.

And then there is the moose head I found to imitate the antlers in the inspiration photo:
This will fit the bill for both of my boys, so I plan to order it this week from the Etsy seller. Restoration Hardware has an amazing set of moose antlers too.  That cost $500!!!  Seriously, who would buy them. Clearly someone or they wouldn't sell them, but that cost is crazy.

So tell me, are you color phobic or do you go for it?!

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