No Drama

The long holiday weekend has definitely encouraged The Builder and I to get in and work on projects. He finished the drywall repairs, sanded down the horrible bathroom wall in our master bath and rolled on the new texture - the right type, not the "lets hide wallpaper we're too lazy to peel off" outdoor stucco texture. Out next step is to paint, install the new window sill, and maybe get the first piece of the tub skirting installed. We've also got crown molding to put on the window and we need to finish off the tile around the tub (grouting, sealing, etc.) I've taken lots of photo's of that, but that's not what we're here to discuss today.

Today we're talking doors.  Specifically the front door.

My front door is a mess. The varnish has been peeling since the day we moved in (2011 if you want a reminder). When I take any photo's of the front door, I fade out the door and concentrate on the wreath or the actual decor. Because the door looks that bad. I really, really wanted to buy a new door. I found one at Home Depot that I loved. It had a price tag of $650+tax. Which I was OK with (it was half the cost of the $1300 door I initially was admiring). Except with bathroom renovations and back to school expenses, there was no way that was going to be in my budget this year. And my door keeps looking worse and worse. 

Take a look at the bottom of the door where the worst of the damage is (no clue why!). You can see the original color of the door where we removed the door knocker - which I'm not sure that we'll be replacing. Those seem really dated. We also discovered the threshold is almost completely rotted out. So that needs to be replace too.
So The Builder completely sanded the door down and went back and filled all the dings. Sanded down, the door doesn't look bad at all.  In fact it was in really good shape under the ugly varnish. I was tempted to just stain it and put a new coat of polyurethane on it and call it a day.

But you may remember, I'm really a red door type of girl. I had one for a whopping month back in 2011, before we moved into this house. I didn't see any red gel stains that would give it that bright punch of red I was looking for. So while at Home Depot on Saturday, I decided to pick up a can of paint. 

It's called "No Drama".  And it's red.

More to come!!