Coming Together

The tub skirting and touch up paint in our master bedroom has been done for a couple of weeks now. I just now managed to get around to taking photo's.  It's been crazy busy at work, plus my kids schedule's and then my school schedule.  Yikes!  

I LOVE it!! The tile, the trim, the deep soaking tub. All of it is perfect. The built in is also finished now:

I still don't have the dial from the old jetted tub covered. Eventually it may end up being a light switch. Maybe. I'm not done with the planning stage of phase 3, so it's anybodies guess at this point.

I love how the built in mimics the window. same profile on the header and ledge, same molding and trim on the sides. So much more storage space than I had before!

You may have noticed I haven't accessorized yet. I'm waiting until the new vanity is built. I still need towel racks and bathroom rugs. The purple won't be staying. The built in needs baskets (I stole those from my sewing area!). Small details. They will all come together in the end. But I'm not at the end. Yet.

Since we bought a bigger tub, it's no longer centered under the window. This is bothering The Builder. A LOT. I think the solution will be several floating shelves to fill the space.  We'll build those too. The Builder has made me several already throughout the house and they're easy to make. 

I was hoping that the vanity would be built by Christmas. But that isn't going to happen. So we'll start that project after the first of the year. 

AFTER we complete a small kitchen renovation to refresh our tired kitchen!!! The goal for that is to complete it over our four day Christmas weekend - which is really 3 days for since we won't work on Christmas day.  More on that later...