99.9% Done...

It's been a month since my last post. You'd think my kitchen reno would be done.  And for the most part, it is. All the tile work is done, the cabinets have all been refinished, and we even managed to get everything back into the cupboards (how is it that it seemed like we had more stuff than was actually in there to begin with?!). 
For some reason, the cabinets look white in photo's. They're not.  They're two shades down on my color chart from the wall paint. In person, you can see the contrast between the trim and cabinets, but not so much in the photos. I am LOVING the tile back splash with the counters!

So why 99.9% done?

First the obvious. The cabinet door. I have to buy a new one. The one that was there cannot be replaced. Since the shipping is about the same cost as the door, I have been procrastinating, looking for a local source. So far, no luck. So I plan to order it this week. 

Second, the cabinet door knobs. You can see the drawer pulls, but there are no knobs on the cabinet doors. Because I haven't bought them yet. New hardware totaled at about $85. Not really a bad price, but I have a senior graduating from high school, prom, and the senior's 18th birthday around the corner. So, I've been buying hardware a bit at a time. All the drawer pulls are bought, so I'll do the same with the cabinet knobs. 

I didn't put the valance up in this photo either, but I have it. I kept the red one I was using before because it works perfectly. 
I love my pops of red! 

So this is the end of kitchen "refresh" that basically was a total makeover. I'm happy to say...

The End