Master Bath Completion

After months of getting just a little done at a time (probably because we started the kitchen project!) we are finally done in our Master Bathroom!  Just a quick reminder, here is what we started with:

So yeah, it was definitely in need of some updating!  So here we are now...

By pushing out the shower to make it decent sized, we lost some of the space between the vanities. But that wasn't a bad thing in the end. We bought these two Hermes vanities at Ikea, and I found this rolling cart. It's the perfect for the space and adds a lot of storage, as you'll see below.

Our tub now. While I absolutely love our new shower, the bathtub is still my favorite! This is a 72 inch tub and it is SO spacious. For the first time in my life I can soak my entire body in the tub and then some. No more loud jets that spray everywhere or a tub that can't hold water. It is the perfect size for the space.

 I'm really pleased that nothing is crammed in. It feels spacious even with the shower extension. 

I took these photos at night, so the lighting isn't cooperating with my camera.  The Builder's vanity has the CFL day light bulbs. We both agree, we hate them. I plan to switch them all to the LED bulbs soon, but this works temporarily. 

Still fighting the lighting in here. This is the new light fixture we chose for the vanities. They have the same chrome finish the shower, vanity, and bath tub fixtures have, so it all coordinates together. I didn't think I wanted to chrome, but it's sparkly and pretty. I'm pleased.

The rolling cart again. So the vanities don't have a lot of counter space. Particularly for my big electric toothbrush and water pick (my dentist swears I need this and after what I've spent there this year, I'm willing to try). It also holds things like my hair dryer and flat iron, that I use consistently. I really like this because my chords don't get tangled up! Also things don't get lost or pushed to the back. Super convenient.  

So this is a perfect example of why you should look at your space before you get ready to complete a blog post. The towel on the left is mine. It's one of the new ones I bought. The towel on the right is The Builders. I always hang my towel neatly. He...doesn't. Sigh. But this is the new shower curtain as well. I can't afford the frameless shower door right now, but I really like this new shower curtain in here.

Last but not least, my vanity. The shower is on the other side of the wall. I plan to put up a small towel ring for a hand towel or my washcloth. You can see that there is a decent amount of counter space. I can easily get ready in the morning. The biggest adjustment has been the shallower sink. But it's not a deal breaker.

With the odd angles of the room, it's actually difficult to get a shot of the entire bathroom. But it's still super spacious and now completely updated. And it's so nice to have another project completed!