Blue Paint

The closet is painted. One coat of primer, two coats of paint. It may need a third, sigh..

My son chose this color, which I really like, called Inked. It's a little more blue gray than navy blue, but it works really well with what he wanted his room to look like. 

The thing about blue paint - any dark blue paint - is that it shows every.little.flaw. No joke. Your wall is a bit out plumb? It will look 10x's worse when you paint it blue. Your texture is uneven? Yep, even worse with blue paint. Of course, I didn't realize this when I started. Lesson learned.

So here's where we started after the first coat of paint:
Coat 1
Yes, pretty darn bad!

But not a surprise. I was hoping it would be a little less streaky by using the grey primer. While it probably helped, it's clearly not a cure all. I could have tried their upgraded paint that's supposed to cover in one coat. But since I'm only doing a small closet, it didn't make sense to spend more on paint. 

I really meant to add another coat last week, but it was a long work week and I never got to it. So this last weekend, I finally go to the second coat. Minus the area we installed the outlet because we still needed to add texture. Baby steps...

So the trick to taking good photo's in this room is to get the morning light by 9am. This is the second coat. I'm much happier with this second coat. You can see how this color pairs nicely with the grey color on his walls. Now I only need to touch up where I re-textured, both in the closet and the patch on the outside. 

Still to do on this closet renovation:

  1. install the built in desk
  2. install the bracket and shelf
  3. install task lighting
  4. add a chest of drawers for more storage
  5. Add the cork boards (a specific request from my son!)
  6. add storage for his art supplies
  7. mount his TV to the wall
  8. custom bi-fold doors
That will finish off this specific portion of his room update, but I'm not stopping there. I'm replacing his carpet (which is completely disgusting and is actually next on the to do list before the built in desk will be completed). In addition I'm replacing the broken faux wood blinds with new ones, and the drapes are being replaced with a cornice board. We'll also need to replace all the short, builder grade base boards with something beefier. This is a must with the change int he flooring. And of course, there's artwork. My son has very specific ideas on that as well. I suppose since it's his room, I can't complain.

As always, more to come...