Then There Was the Closet

It took a while to get the finished photo's of the dresser posted, but we've been working quite a bit on this room! You may remember that I posted a photo of my inspiration for my son's room last month. Here's a refresher:

This comes from the blogger at The Happy Housie  You'll remember that we settled on a color called Inked from Behr to do our blue. While not as dark as the photo above, it's at least a two coat job, even with a gray primer under it. 

Before I started painting we decided to do a few updates in the closet. Since this will also be a study space, I needed a convenient place to plug in his laptop, chargers, desk lamp, etc. There currently is only a light bulb with a pull chain for light in the closet, and of course, no power source. So after priming the closet, our first step was to add power. We routed it from an existing power outlet outside the closet. Thank goodness The Builder is good with these things as this completely out of my comfort zone!

He started by cutting out  a whole next to the power supply, then drilling a hole through the stud so that he could run the power through the wall and into the closet. There was actually a dent in the wall that we had filled and primed.  Oops. I didn't get the idea to add power to the closet until after that was done. Luckily, The Builder agreed and so he cut it out and ran the power.

Sigh, another bad photo. Seriously, I have to do something about the lighting in this room! In this case though, the power was off so that he could run the new line. This is the wire pulled through the wall. We decided to do double outlets so that there was enough for multiple electronic devices. I hate power strips and I don't want one overloaded in the closet. Eventually we want to put in an outlet that has a USB charger as well, but it wasn't in the budget right now, and it's an easy switch out for The Builder later on.

Now that it's installed, we've patched the hole. I didn't take photo's of the mud and texture. That was completed this weekend, so now I can finish painting that section. You can see that this wall is primered. The closet has the original paint from when the house was first built and it soaked up the primer like it was nothing. I can only imagine what it would have done to the blue paint.

So, one step closer.  Next up, paint!