The Red Door

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a red front door.  I don't know why.  I think I saw one on HGTV years  ago, before it was the trend, and fell in love.  It just seems so...inviting!  Usually with rental homes, painting the front door isn't an option.  It's definitely a statement.  But my landlords at this home have given me free range to paint to my hearts content.  And so here it is, my red door!!  The color is called Red Velvet.  Tell me that's not the most perfect color name?!

We also decided to do some minor landscaping this long holiday weekend.  We had a yucca plant in our front yard and with the freeze this past spring, it died.  It was very unattractive when you pulled up to the house.  While buying my paint at Home Depot this weekend, I spotted a man with a cart full of beautiful flowers.  It reminded me of the ugly dead plant in my front yard, so I dragged persuaded my husband to go back and take a look with me.  We came across these to plants that I thought would add a nice pop of color to my very vanilla and tan colored home!

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