Monday, January 30, 2012


Not really!  One thing I don't often mention is that I have an actual job that I am required to be at Monday - Friday (and I really like my job, so this isn't a bad thing).  Between So I'm here in spirit during the week.

I got a lot done during the long holiday weekend two weeks ago, but I didn't get around to posting it.  My fireplace is finally looking put together.  I decided the mantel needed some further updating.  What I really need is my hubby builder to get hot on the media unit so I can get rid of all the junk on my mantel!  I really like the change from the hurricane lamp, which was finished in a brushed bronze, the etched glass vase.  I think the addition of the new accessories helps too.  What do you think so far?

My other project was the lanterns.  I did end up buying them because I seriously doubt I would have been able to make anything that was even as close to being as perfect.  And the price was right!!  I'm having a hard time getting them to photograph correctly.  They keep coming out a grey color, which couldn't be further from the color.  They're a pale aqua, with a hint of a gold undercoat.  And while gold isn't really a color that matches my living room, it's so light, you almost miss it, so I'm good with that.  I like how the soft color in them frames the artwork.  I've only got a few accessories on the now white shelf, so that still looks more than a little bare.  I love the owl!  I love unexpected accessories, and I think an owl next to a beach (what the print looks like to me) is unexpected, lol....

Inspiration Shade
Then there's the lamp.  This is a lamp that I got at a great clearance price at Wally-World last summer for my living room.  Am I the only person who feels the need to spruce up the place when the in-laws are scheduled for a visit?!  But I digress...At the time, it was a great fit to my formal living room.  Now, it's way too dark.  After seeing some of the great re-finishes from fellow bloggers and Pinterest, I knew that this lamp could be re-done to better match my new color palette.  I started with a basic grey primer, which is what I had on hand.I did two coats only because I needed it to be kid friendly, but one coat seemed like it would have worked.  Then it was time to make some paint choices.  Did I want color?  Did I want a shiny finish or a matte finish?  And what about the rather funky shape of the shade?  Should I used a patterned fabric or stick with solid?  I started with my inspiration piece, this lamp here:  Now the size is MUCH smaller, so this particular lamp never would have worked in my room.  But I love the lamp shade.  I decided a ruffle of some sort might be much easier to add rather than completely remaking the existing shade.  But since it's a shade, I knew I had to have a finished edge to avoid little pieces of string everywhere. This was a lot more work, but I think it was really worth it in the end.  I finally settled on a hammered metal finish, and I really like the base.  Now to finish that ridiculous shade....

I found this great shelf idea from Shanty 2 Chic, who is one of my favorite DIY blogger's!  I've been contemplating shelves like this in several of my rooms.  But the short ones, even on sale, tend to start at $20 and up. Not horrible, but in some rooms, I need a much longer shelf (and as it was pointed out, the actual shelf at Pottery Barn is $85!!). Now I can have my hubby builder customize them to the size I need! The plan's come from Anna White's web site (yep, same one that I got the amazing nightstand plans from - such a talented woman!!) so I knew they'd work well.  I bought my daughter a great canvas print for her room, and I knew I wanted to put it on a ledge shelf.  Looking at Anna's site, I see that some people even attached molding to give a more formal look as well (LOVE that idea!).

I was busy updating the picture frames as well.  My wooden frames just didn't work well with this lighter color palette, so they had to be updated.  I painted them all white the first go around, which was...OK.  But I wanted better than OK!  So these will be updated to aqua and silver very soon!

Stay tuned for more updates!