Weekend Updates

This weekend, I'm going to go out and start looking for some pieces to accessorize my living room.  I have some great inspirational ideas from the new Pier 1 catalog I got in the mail.  I really wish their prices were more family friendly, but since they're not, I'm going to re-create!  Here are some of the pieces I'm using for inspiration:

Ruffle Pillow

Turquoise & Green Ceramic Vases

Allover Leaves

Aqua Ceramic Vases
I think the best thing about these pieces, is that I already have pillows that I bought in the fall.  They're  VERY similar to the Allover Leaves pillow!  It looks like the inspiration pillow has some beaded detail my pillows don't have, but I think I could easily update that by hand stitching some on while I watch football this weekend (Go TEXANS!!!!).  I'm going to check out Pier 1 Saturday morning to get a better idea.  I like the ruffle pillow as well, but there are a plethora of instructions on the web to create one so the cost of this at $30 a pillow is a bit excessive.  I'm thinking dupioni would be really nice for the ruffle...

Then there's the Turquoise and Green vases. Love the colors.  LOVE THEM.  I think they might be too dark for my room though.  I'm trying to go with a lighter color palette to balance out the room, since my solid chocolate brown sofa is really too large for the overall scale (and getting rid of it is simply not an option).  I'm going to see if I can find some metallic papers in a lighter tone and maybe mod podge them on to a glass vase.  I'll probably pick up a plain glass one at the Dollar Tree this weekend if I can find the right paper to test it out, then I can search some discount and thrift stores for some ones if I like it.

Ah, that leaves us with the Aqua Ceramic Vases.  I'm not remotely interested in the egg shaped one.  But the tall one with what looks like a Dahlia?  Oh so pretty!!!  I could see it paired with a pretty frame and maybe a candle in mercury glass.  

Now there are a couple of pieces I may invest in.  New sconces are the top of my list. I have a beautiful set that I spent too much on from Party Lite that I got several years ago, with a matching hurricane lamp.  But my changing to a lighter color palette, they don't coordinate well with my pillows.  However, I think I'll be able to move them into my master bedroom and make them work, so I don't mind buying new pieces for the family room.  While I'm open to re-doing something that may be a bargain, I'm leaning strongly towards just purchasing these pieces:

Jeweled Lantern

Blue Crackle MOP Mirror

Blue Sea Glass Lamp
The Blue Sea Glass lamp is on sale right now.  $40 for what I think is the perfect lamp is a great deal (I say think because I need to check the size in person - picture can be misleading!).  I like clean and simple lines in a lamp and the color is perfect for me.  The Jeweled lanterns have more of the aqua tones in them in the catalog, so I want to look at these too. The 13" lanterns are only $15 each, and I don't think I could find anything that I would like better for less, so I may need to purchase two of them.  Also, I've got a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase, so I could get all three pieces for $60.  That's cost effective in my book!

The mirror.  Ahh the mirror.  It is NOT cost effective.  $130 on sale.  For a mirror.  Ugh.  I have a couple of options here though.  I could have my husband cut me a mirror to the size I want (how much do I love having a Glazier for a husband who can get his hands on mirror for free!?!!).  Then I can either buy a frame and finish it myself (lots of options for finishing it!) or find a mirror at a thrift store and update to what will work for my room.  So that will be part of  my weekend shopping as well!

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