The Reveal!

My master bedroom.  I'm SO pleased with how it's turning out!!  These were quite a bit of work, and not a project for beginners, but I love how the nightstands turned out.  Of course, it didn't actually start out that way.  Do you see the photo of the sad, weathered looking nightstand?  That's what the ebony stain looked like.  Old weathered wood.  That's great if you have a rustic themed bedroom.  But I don't. And I didn't want that look. I knew I wanted the wood grain to show, but I wanted it to match my dresser, which is black.  With the wood grain showing.  So closed my eyes, bought some black spray paint, and hoped for the best.  And it worked!  You can see the step by step process in these photo's.  My husband is AMAZING and worked all weekend to help me get these finished up.  I say we.  He measured, cut, and built.  I sanded.  And I found the pattern.  So that should count, right?!
Now here are some shots from start to finish:

  • The wood and the tools
  • The unfinished product
  • The wrong finish
  • Perfection!