Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Alright, I've made some headway with my project over the last two weeks, and will post the photo's this evening when my house is quiet (2 of my kid-lets are doing a survival with The Builder and Boy Scouts this weekend).

I'm also headed down tonight, unbeknownst to The Builder, and buying paint for the powder room, and most likely, the laundry room (same color).  My powder room is pathetic.  There is no guest quality to it at all and it does not match the rest of the house.  I'd seriously gone back to considering beadboard wallpaper, since I have been admiring it on all the other blogs that I read, but my walls are pretty texturized (yep, ick) and I don't think it would go on well. I certainly don't want to scrape off half the texture to put it up.  I just don't think that would make my landlord happy!  So a paint update it is. 

I'm thinking I need to work on the kids bathroom upstairs as well.  Paint?  Art work?  Not sure.  But the shower curtain all by it's lonesome is not really a decorated space.  In the last bathroom I let the bright color speak for the space.  This bathroom has a lot of natural light in the afternoon, and I'm afraid that such a bright color is just too bright.  Plus, I don't want to have to paint over that bright green.  So I think artwork and some decorative items are called for.

More later!