New Years Updates

So I've started off the new year with some small updates!  The first one is the rug.  I LOVE this rug.  I loved it when I saw it hanging on the wall in the The Country Door Catalog, I loved it on their web site.  Just plain loved it.  You know, except for the price...not such a fan of the price.

A few days after Christmas, the medium sized rug went on sale!  I really would have love the larger one but I'm just too practical. This is the same sized rug it's replacing, so I decided to go for it.  No regrets, I love love it even more in person.

I also added the grate above the cabinet.  This room has a vaulted ceiling which is great, because it opens up the whole room.  But it makes the cabinet look short, which has been bothering me.  The picture and the lanterns to the left hung higher, and I needed something to balance it out.  And texture.  I needed some more texture in the room.  The grate is a perfect addition!

Yes, I know, the cabinet isn't styled yet.  Baby steps.  The grate though.  It's perfect!  It's exactly what was needed to visually heighten the space.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to put anything on top of the cabinet yet.  I was originally thinking some greenery would be nice...but now I'm not so sure.

I think accessorizing the cabinet will be next on the list of things to accomplish.  I think I'll go peruse Pinterest for a bit for ideas :)