Craftsman Frame

My middle son is crazy about moose.  He has several stuffed moose, a moose game, and moose toys.  I'm not sure where the love of moose came from, but when we moved last year, he wanted his room to be moose themed as well.  I wasn't surprised

When I saw Anna White's Crafsman Frame, I thought it would go great with the rustic theme I had planned for his bedroom.  Then I saw this print on Etsy and knew it would be a perfect match.  This frame was easy to build - under two hours, including staining.  We bought two pine boards, totaling $6 (we used a finished grade wood that was a little more in cost but easier for staining).  The stain was leftover from his bed and I already had pocket screws leftover from our cabinet project.  

And the ledge makes a perfect shelf for his Lego Ninjago characters, lol... 

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