Blog Interupted

I was prepared to show you the photo's of the oak crates The Builder scored from work that were going to be made into a new outdoor sectional for the sun room in our rental home.

No, I don't have a new project in mind for them...yet.  The issue is, I may no longer have a sun room.  Because....


OK, so I know that comes completely out of the blue.  Let me backtrack a moment.  On Sunday, The Builder went up into the attic of our current home to see if he could find a leak that was ruining the ceiling in my youngest child's room.  I know we're renters, but my home is my home, whether the payment goes to a bank or to landlord.  That means responsibility.  We had originally thought we might purchase this home if our landlord was willing.  Except The Builder says the roof is clearly bad based on all the water damage he was seeing.  And let's be frank, that's not a problem I have the time or money for.

On a whim, I went to our local realtor page and typed in 5 bedrooms and my school district in the search field - which I have done plenty of times in the past, only with a 4 bedroom search, and what I was willing to pay.  And low and behold, I found this amazing home.  A diamond in the rough.  Exactly what I wanted, complete with projects needed to make it my own, but technically move in condition (if you like 80's color and decor that is).  So The Builder and I did a drive by on our way to Target on Sunday.  The street is tree lined with big shady trees.  All the homes are well maintained and have pretty manicured lawns.  Basically, my dream neighborhood.

Only we're not looking to buy right now.  We're not pre-qualified.  We have a house that we've lived in for almost 2 years now.  And homes are going quickly - who only knows how long it would take to get pre-qualified, which I remember as being a nightmare the last time we did it 10 years ago.  So, out of curiosity, I emailed a VA Lender I had found on Facebook last year.  Long story short, by the end of Monday (aka, the very next day), we're PRE-QUALIFIED!!!!!  OK, technically they have to confirm that we actually make what we told them we make, but  there are no issues there.

Of course I "do" have to get my offer accepted, lol, and there is the mountain of paperwork ahead of us.  So for now, all projects are on hold until we get a status update.

Stay tuned!!