Changing Gears

Ok, the egg wreath was, officially, an epic failure.  We all get them from time to time, right?!  I'm over eggs for now, and ready to start planning for summer!

Take a look at my next inspiration project:

This is the sectional I want to build for my sun room!  The Builder called me on his way home from work today to let me know he scavenged acquired some wooden OAK pallets from his job site today.  SCORE!!  My plan is to buy the cushions, because while yes, I can make them, it will take me much longer to do so, most likely will not save me any money, and last, will probably not get time in done for summer.  Garden Ridge has exactly the style of cushions I want, and since we'll need a smaller sectional than the one in the picture, we'll be able to customize it to our specifications.  I'm so excited!!!

I even have ideas for a small coffee table!
The link to the original post no longer works and Pinterest isn't letting me embed at the moment, but the blogger stated that this was a $30 project.  The 25 inch half oak barrel from Home Depot is $30, but I'm not sure about the glass top.  I found an online site that I could order a piece of glass for $93 including shipping, and $120 for a coffee table isn't's just more than what I was actually planning on spending.  Since The Builder is a Glazier by trade (one who installs glass and metal for a living!) he might be able to order a piece from work at cost.  So there are some options there too.

The other piece I'm looking at for this room is side table for the sectional.  There is nothing worse than sitting down and not having a surface to set things on.  Or, since we have to overhead ceiling fans (such a huge bonus in a sun room!!!) I might want a side table for directional lighting.  This one is absolutely in my budget - so cute, right?  It's got a retro vibe, which admittedly, is a different feel than the half oak barrel coffee table, but I'm convinced that the shapes will work to pull it together.  And at only $39, I will make this work.  I could even possibly purchase two and skip the oak barrel coffee table, but that's really not my first preference.  The important thing though is to not over stuff the room with large furniture.  This is a long room, but it's fairly narrow, and I still want a patio set for outdoor eating!
The jury is still out on an indoor/outdoor rug.  I want one, because we have a tile floor.  But I don't want one because it will be a dirt magnet, and we typically just hose down the sun room every Saturday.  Keep in mind, it's a screened in room, open to the elements.  The screens keep out bugs, but not the weather.  So I'm not sure I want to invest in something I'm going to have attempt to vacuum to keep clean.

I'm still working on accessories...more to come!

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