Weekend 3

You weren't really expecting weekend 2, right?!

After a quick trip to San Antonio to work with my best friend on her wedding plans, it was back to getting my closet back in shape!

Here's a quick peak at a few of the updates:

One thing I hadn't really planned on was the rug.  And it's almost my favorite thing in here. I went back to Ikea to get some more magazine holders and the rug that had called to me the first time I was there was really yelling this time. Our master bedroom is all tile. Great in the summer, horrific in the winter. The light fixture is SO pretty, but not very bright.  The task lighting still needs to be installed on the new shelf that was install, as well as the rest of the painting

The Light!!!  Tell me this isn't better than an ugly bare bulb...also, you can see the second shelf we installed above the original one. It's really nice to not have boxes of patterns falling down around my head when I reach up to grab something. My only 'oopsie' is that I thought it had a draw string, since this closet doesn't have an on and off switch.  It doesn't. The Builder said he will install one. My goal is to have it done before Christmas!

The last sneak peak (forgive the terrible lighting, it was dark at this point and the 40 watt bulb doesn't produce the best light for photograph!). The shoe rack is only going to hold the shoes I wear most frequently. My reality is that I would truly need a bigger closet if I was going to have all my shoes on display or I would have to take out my sewing table. Since neither of those is going to happen, this is the best option for me.

Still to do:
  1. Finish paining the closet
  2. Install some floating shelves
  3. paint the peg board gray to match the closet
  4. Print my vinyl that goes on the small chest of drawers I bought
  5. Install the task lighting under the back shelf