Making Progress

When started our bathtub remodel with this:
A nice blank slate once we tore out the old tub.

And then we added the framing for the new tub:
You can see how the space is going to be filled.  This is progress!

Tonight, The Builder made even more progress:
The tub is IN!!

OK, so it's not level in this photo. The Builder had to go in and make some adjustments to the frame so the tub would fit securely. That's not a fun photo though. 

Notice that the old tub fixtures are gone. He pulled those out tonight too. 

Here's a close up of the faucet he installed for me as well:
Yes, it's absolutely perfect! I didn't think I wanted chrome, but I have to say, I think it's going to look perfect in this bathroom.

And while drilling the holes for the faucet, The Builder discovered that this tub is insulated. Which means my bath water will stay hotter longer. I love a hot bath and nothing could make my heart happier. Since the last tub leaked and didn't hold water for long, this is really an added bonus!

As you can see, we need to replace the drywall we tore out. The water lines aren't hooked up either, and we need to install the new drain kit we bought. 

Once the drywall is in and we do the patch and repaid, we might be ready to install the Carrera marble tiles we bought to go around the tub. We wanted it to tie in with the shower and not have too many patterns and different materials, so this was an easy choice. 

Hopefully next post we'll have running water!