Tub Framing

The goal last weekend was to get the tub framed out.

It didn't happen.

The Builder's back was bothering him and I put the kabosh on any building.  Even though a good soak would have done his back well. It was even harder to keep him from relaxing when our faucet was delivered later in the day on Saturday.

But today is a new day and he stopped at our favorite orange home improvement store to pick up supplies on his way home. Before I show you his progress for today, let's talk bathtub faucets for a  moment.

I wanted a waterfall faucet.  Something like this:
Pretty. Oh so pretty. 

But there was a problem.

See how wide this is overall? Well I also want a corner mounted faucet, not a side mount, as is shown here. And after looking at the phoroe of what I wanted, The Builder quickly pointed out there is no way this wide of a faucet would work.

There are narrower faucets in this style. But that's not what I wanted To me, they look like they should be on a bathroom sink, not a bathtub.

I looked at bathtub faucets for days before I finally ordered one.  I didn't like anything at Home Depot or Lowe's. I was afraid to go to an actual bathtub store because this is supposed to be the most affordable part of our bathroom renovation. So a $300 faucet was not in the budget. I looked at goose neck faucets, but those looked like belonged in a kitchen (who knew I was so picky about a bathtub faucet?!). I finally settled on something fairly traditional, but still updated from the pitted mess that is currently in there  This is what I ultimately purchased:
They had a brushed nickel, which I actually prefer However, my new shower is all in chrome (again, it was the only one I like at Lowe's!). I just feel like they should be in the same finish since they're in the same bathroom. I was surprised that it is bigger in person than it looks in the photo, but that's good.  Our tub is big and this is a good size in correlation to it. I think I saw matching faucets too. I may pick two of them up while they still have them in stock, since the vanity is right next to the tub. But I'm not ready to start that project quite yet, so we'll see. 

And this is the progress The Builder made today:
Please ignore the falling down fence that is now completely obvious from this angle...

That WHOLE space is going to be my tub! We went with the pink 2x4's like we did in both the upstairs bathroom and the re-framing in our shower. Did I mention it was such a relief to not have any serious damage when we pulled out the old tub? We have to turn the water off to remove the old bath fixtures, so that will need to wait until this weekend. The tub we bought did not come with a frame so we gave a lot of though about how we to finish it out. One of my favorite bloggers is Kristy at Addicted 2 Decorating and she enclosed an existing tub on a recent bathroom renovation. We're using her directions for a tub skirt to finish off ours the same way. This will give me a nice sized ledge to set my candles on, which is another important feature to me. We also wanted to build it out to the edge of the tile to cover it so we don't have to patch in any more than we have (as we will when we're ready to do the vanity).

Still to do:
  1. Installing the new plumbing
  2. Attach the faucet and drain
  3. Drop the tub into place
  4. Install the marble tile surround
  5. Complete the tub skirt
Of course that just complete the installation of the tub. On the wall to the left of tub, we're going to install shelving. We also need to tear out the old 80's style shutter medicine cabinet.  I found this one:

I. Seriously. Love. This.

I don't like clutter on my vanity. Which is all I have now that I'm sharing a single vanity with The Builder. It's a hodge podge of stuff that doesn't fit in the cabinet under the sink and things we use frequently. I love glass jars in the vanity (which is reflected on my Bathroom board on Pinterest!). This combines the practicality of a medicine cabinet with the update of open shelving. I can't wait until we're ready for this project. Which won't be until after tub is completely done. And maybe the vanity too. As much as I love this, it is not top priority on my list. But it will be in my bathroom eventually!

Saturday can't get here quick enough, I want to see my tub installed!

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