The Bedroom

I want to start this post by letting you know the bedroom is NOT done.  But I had enough requests to "see" some of the updates I've done, so here's a quick peak:


Now some things that will change:  
  1. the aqua body pillow will need to be replaced (have to have one for watching TV).   ****UPDATE**** I found a black microfiber pillowcase cover for the body pillow on eBay, so check one more thing off my to do list!  8/28/2011
  2. The black bed skirt isn't on the bed yet, so you can see the mattress (which is going to be replaced in the months to come too).  When I find the box it's in, it will be on!  ***UPDATE*** found the bed skirt and it's now too!  Yeah, maybe new photo's to post soon!! 9/23/2011
  3. End tables.  There are none right now.  We found a set at Ikea that match the headboard, which I love, but I have to go back and get them and the matching table that the TV will go on.   That's another photo...
  4. Lamps - I realized after watching my favorite designer on TV that the scale of my lamps is all wrong.  I need bigger lamps, particularly now that I have higher ceilings.  ***UPDATE***  I found 2 fabulous lamps at Kirkland Home that are now in the room!!!  10/18/2011
  5. Area rug - the tile is great now that it's summer, but when the colder months come, I'm going to want something warm and cozy under my feet.  So I'm shopping for the right rug...what that is, I don't yet...
  6. Art work - I have none right now.  What I had before won't work plus the humidity got to them while they sat in the garage last year.  The frames will work, but I need new prints and probably mats.
  7. Euro pillows - I have shams for them, might as well get one or two to complete the bed!
So, updates to come!

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