Better Late Than Never

This kitchen refresh has been s-l-o-w go. Really thought we'd be done by now. But we're not.

Thankfully, we are making progress! The repairs in the bay window are done, we've completed painting, the new blinds are in, and the curtains have been hung. It's really coming along now. You may notice that there are not baseboards. Those are still being repainted. The little things that take forever drive me crazy sometimes.

The counter tops are in and we're really very happy with them. You can see the new sink cabinet that we bought (and the small cabinet to the right, which still needs to the drawer front to be painted). Again, you can see that we're not done. We're not done painting and the upper cabinets are still white. See the vanilla colored paint we're paining over? It does make for a bright kitchen, but we are just not vanilla paint colored people!

The new sink. I LOVE it. It is amazing that we managed with the undersized sink as long as we did. I was hoping that for the final renovation, we'd install a farmhouse sink, but I may just end up keeping this one. I am that happy with! 

And the faucet. That faucet is worth every penny we paid for it. We have real water pressure again. Who knew?

The not so glamorous photo. You can really see here that we're not done paining. Also the doors are not on the lower cabinets and we haven't even started the upper cabinets. Sometimes there are really just not enough hours in the day.

The other side. Again, not good. This whole section is going to be expanded into more pantry. The hodge podge of stuff sitting out is driving me crazy. There is a coat closet behind this wall that just holds junk. We have to clean it out yearly and I'm always surprised at what we find. Because we don't use it! So we're going to enlarge the pantry, that you can catch a glimpse of to the left, so that we have more space in the kitchen where it's needed. Yes, the door is off the pantry. This whole section could pass for open concept, which I hate. I have big plans for updating and expanding this pantry!

So this weekend, the plan is to get the rest of the painting done, and at least paint the cabinet frames. The Builder has been sanding and priming the doors all week, so if I'm really lucky, we'll get cabinets closed up before the end of the weekend.

Because I really hate open concept cabinets and shelves!!

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