Weekend Crafting

These apothecary jars sit in the corner of my kitchen.  You may remember seeing them at Christmas time with my black nutcrackers.  They're a fun way to update my kitchen for whatever holiday it is, without having to re-vamp the entire look of the kitchen for the holiday.  I found the pink, red, and white candy corn a couple of years ago, and so I just reuse it each year (and my kids are very aware that it is no longer edible candy!).  I don't remember what I had in the large apothecary jar when we still lived in CA, the last year I decorated my kitchen - the last house we lived in, the kitchen was way to small to have my jars out, so I'm enjoying having them out again!  I was at Michael's this week, and they had some red and pink hearts that I think were meant to go on a valentine's tree.  I really don't have a place to put a tree but I thought they would make great fillers for my apothecary jar.  Now I just need to find the lid to that jar.  It's still in a packing box somewhere - which is not terribly surprising when you consider I still haven't opened all the boxes from when we moved from CA.  And not because I don't really "need" my things.  It's been an issue of space, since we downsized from 2800 sq ft. to 1800 sq ft...but it's all good!

This is the wreath I made for my front door.  I'm sure you've seen this many times on other blogs.  I followed the tutorial on Remodelaholic and I really like how it turned out!  My husband wasn't sure about the bright colors ("It's for Valentine's Day - shouldn't it be, oh I don't know, pink and red?!") but I wanted something a little outside the box.  Which is actually surprising because red is usually one of my favorite colors to decorate with.  I don't know, this color combo just called my name, and so I went with it!  And it could work for Easter, but I won't do that.  I'm enjoying changing things out for each holiday.

I have one more item I worked on this weekend, but it needs a coat of lacquer so I'm going to hold off until later this week when it's actually done!