Kitchen Paint, Cabinets and - oh my gosh!

The Builder and I had a conversation last night. There I was, drawing up a to do list for the weekend so we had a starting place, when out of the blue he said he didn't want to build the doors for the new vanity in the bathroom, he just wanted to order them and be done.

Apparently cabinet doors are a pain to make. (and while Ana White makes it look super easy to build cabinets, she bought doors to go with them - even my dad, Ultimate Builder, bought new cabinets for our kitchen reno when I was a kid.) We meed four for the bathroom vanity (that we are not starting for several more weeks) and one of the lower kitchen cabinet doors is badly damaged and my not be worth repairing (water damage - of course). 

Have you priced replacement cabinet doors? Surprisingly, they're fairly affordable. So I put what I needed in my cart and proceeded to check out. And then I stopped.  The shipping was $45. Umh. No way. There's no glass, they don't have a special finish that could get damaged in shipping (we were ordering them all unfinished), and they're not very heavy. There is no reason that shipping should be that much. Even when I took off the four for the vanity and just left the one for the kitchen, the $32 door had a $31 shipping cost. That's just stupid.

So we headed to my favorite treasure trove, ReStore, to see if we could find something that would match. They have piles of cabinet doors, but nothing that would work for our cabinet. We were headed out when the The Builder stopped at bin of doors, reached in, and pulled one out.

It was. The One.

Do you recall this post where we painted the door red? Because the door I really wanted from Lowes came in at almost $600. It wasn't in my budget then, and it's not in my budget now. But the red made me happy and I got positive comments from my neighbors, so it was a good solution.

But I wanted the one with the leaded star, similar to this
The star is what I really loved. And the one on display at my local Lowes was a rectangular window with the door red. For $569. Like I said, a budget buster for us given the renovations we have going on.

But there we were, at ReStore, and The Builder reached in and pulled out my red, leaded glass star door! In fact, it was actually a display door from Lowes and may have been the very same door that I admired for months, since Lowes is right down the street. All for the budget friendly price of $150!!!

Needless to say, we put a hold on it (had to check the dimensions to ensure it would work in our actual door!) and came back within 20 minutes to get it. And it is perfect! It did take some goo gone and a little elbow grease to clean off all the stickers from the Lowes display and the foam stickers from where it was mounted, but it was completely worth it. It also put a hamper on all projects that weekend as The Builder still had to do some frame modifications for it to fit properly, including building a new threshold.  Totally worth it though!
And a close up:
So, no kitchen updates for the last two weeks. But this door is amazing!!

Hmm, now we're going to need to paint the door trim too...