I'm on countdown...

...until I can put up Christmas decorations!!!

I know, I just blogged about my fall crafts two posts above.  And I actually have one more project to do for my family room for that fall feeling, which I will really enjoy all the way until Thanksgiving.  But the day after Thanksgiving (only the BEST shopping day EVER) it's all about Christmas for me!!!

Christmas is all about two themes for me.  Snowmen in my living room and nutcrackers everywhere else!!!  Every year I add a nutcracker or two to my collection.  I started collecting them in elementary school when my big brother gave me one for Christmas.  Then my friend in Jr. High got me another one.  My husband has added to my collection over the years.  So have my friends.  I have a nutcracker table runner.  I have nutcracker candles.  I have a nutcracker soap dispenser for the kitchen.  The one thing I don't have??  Would you believe plates?!

Until this year!!!  Behold these lovely plates: 

Aren't they lovely?!  According the their web site, Cost Plus World Market is going to carry them this year.  I'm thinking I need at least two sets, but I'd love to have three so I have a full 12 plates.  I plan to start stalking calling them soon to see when they plan to have them in.  These are exactly what I've been looking for for a couple of years now!

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