It's Was a BUSY Summer!

So, have you been hearing crickets when you come to my site?  Yes, it's been a quiet summer.  Not for lack of decorating!  Not because my life is quiet!  Quite the opposite in fact.  There's never a dull moment with a family of 6.

So first of all, my camera died a most untimely death.  Right before we left for vacation (of course).  So I've been taking shots here and there with my cell phone, but really, they just don't do anything justice.  So, I broke down a couple of weeks ago when my daughter was getting ready to go to a dance, and bought a new one.  So more photo's should be posted soon.

And decorating wise, what have I been up to you might ask?
  • finally selected a paint color for interior.  Pecan Sandi.  Yes, if you visited my home back in CA, it's the exact same color.  Because sometimes, the first color you choose is just the best color choice - I'll make sure to post a few pictures of some of the swatches on the wall that didn't work.
  • tore down the hideous grape border in the kitchen
  • but up new curtain rods in the den
  • switched the den furniture with the living room furniture
  • FINALLY got the boys rooms in some semblance of order - still looking for the right rug and artwork, but it's a vast improvement
  • got the dining room, living room, and den painted
  • made some new fall decorations
  • hung curtains
  • and I'm sure there's a few more things I'll remember later...
Pictures to come soon!!

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