After Harvey

This summer I was basically MIA. I've been going to school full time in addition to my daily job. This is my last semester and I had some major papers to write and submit. Decorating, DIY, and crafting were the last things on my mind, but ones I was anxious to get back to.

And then Hurricane Harvey happened.

For those who don't know, I'm in the Houston area. If I cross the street, literally, I'm back in Houston city limits. I am incredibly blessed that we did not flood because just one cross street over, everything flooded and is a total loss. My kids all have friends who flooded out. I have co-workers who lost everything. And now that the water has receded and we're in clean up mode, it looks like a tornado blew through with the massive amounts of debris on every street. 

As you can imagine, it's hard to get back to 'normal'. I see posts on social media. The whole world keeps on moving, even though we had this devastating flooding. That's reality. But it's so surreal. I see critical posts on certain relief agencies, opinions on churches who couldn't open their doors during the flooding, opinions on how politicians are handling things, and the list goes on. Opinions that mean literally nothing to the families who have lost their homes, their loved ones, the life that they knew. What I see in my community is neighbor helping neighbor. Total strangers delivering supplies to anyone who says they're in need. I see everyone helping with mud outs, gathering cleaning supplies. Even creditors. Wayfair was AMAZING when I reached out to them about a missed payment. 

Saturday, despite 90-degree weather, despite my kids being horrified that I would drag out fall this early, I did exactly that. I took down all my summer decor and refreshed my home with fall decor. I needed something fresh after Harvey. My kids are still home from school today, but they'll return on Wednesday, and I'll take photo's of my fall decor and post what projects I want to get done for this season.


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